A short overview about the history of our foundry

History of the Art foundry Dirler

This is a short overview about the history of our foundry. Vinzenz Dirler has worked with a variety of masters and partners. Thus he has gained insight in different ways of casting which contributes to our company's success. 

For the first time Vinzenz Dirler got in touch with the art of foundry at the age of eight when in his spare time he assisted in the workshop of Mr Weithaler in Tscherms (Kränzelhof), South Tyrol.

There he met Hans Haslinger, an Austrian caster, in whose shop he did an apprenticeship from 1967 until 1971.

In Haslinger's workshop Vinzenz learned the sand casting procedure.

After this important work experience he decided to do another apprenticeship in Verona. From 1973 until 1976 he learned the lost wax method at the workshop „Fonderia Artistica Veronese“ and began to get in touch with some artists, like for instance Claudio Trevi.

At the age of 25, Vinzenz returned to South Tyrol and worked for various workshops. Additionally, he founded a casting-workshop and operated a shop in Tisens.

Between 1978 and 2002 Vinzenz alongside Michael Höllrigl restored many churches.

In 1982 Vinzenz bought the Prantlhof in Marling. As of today, the Kunstgießerei Dirler is found there.

His son Stefan went to a vocational school for electricians and after completion he did an apprenticeship in his father's foundry.

Since 2010 Stefan has been the head of the Kunstgießerei Dirler.